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About Visa


Various visa application services

  • Visa consultation such as real estate investment visa, retirement visa, application procedure

  • Help with consultation and application regarding NIE (Resident Permit)

  • Notario (notary) issue procedure of official deed

  • Spanish official translation

  • Other legal interpretation services

Permanent residence Golden visa
You can apply for a real estate investment visa → permanent residence by purchasing a property (commercial property, office, residential property, etc.) over 500,000 euros that the Spanish government has enforced from September 30, 2013. The Spanish government recommends that you apply early, as the economic recovery may cause the visa issuance to be abolished. Once applied, once permanent renewal conditions are cleared, permanent residence rights can be acquired.
Long stay  visa
According to the purpose of your trip to Spain, you can apply for any of the following visa types, given that you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Spain Retiree Visa for retired persons who wish to live in Spain and have the means to finance themselves.
  • Spain Golden Visa for persons who can invest a particular amount of money in real estate in Spain.
  • Spain Entrepreneur Visa for those who want to establish or invest in a business in Spain and etc.
To obtain a real estate investment visa (Golden Visa), it is recommended to obtain legal advice before starting the procedure, as it may delay the acquisition time and / or the acquisition failure due to the preparation of documents and submission . In particular, they are experts in Japanese immigration law, and we accept consultations based on the latest law. 
Please contact us for details.
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