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Service contents


Property search

  • Rental / real estate investment / purchased property / selection

  • Property information (accompanied by Japanese staff)

  • Lease / sales contract

  • Witness of moving in

  • Communication with the landlord (support while moving in)
    * You can also view and contract real estate properties of other companies.


Life setting / life consultation

  • Open a bank account

  • Mobile phone / internet construction settings

  • Change of name for utility bills for electricity, gas, and water

  • School search, visit reservation, accompaniment, admission procedure

  • Spanish license rewrite

  • Arrangement of short-term apartment hotel

  • Spanish language training

  • Handling of home insurance and other insurance (AXA, Sanitas, Mapfre, FIATC, REALE, Catalana Occidente, Zurich all 18 companies)


Consultation / application for Spanish visa and NIE

  • Visa consultation and application procedures for real estate investment visas, non-resident visas, etc.

  • Assistance with consultation and application regarding NIE (Residence Permit)

  • Notario (Notary) Certificate issuance procedure

  • Spanish official translation

  • Other legal interpreting services


Real estate investment / real estate management

  • Search for real estate properties in Spain, accompany a preview, and mediate.

  • Procedures for real estate acquisition and advice from lawyers

  • Bank account opening, overseas remittance, promise document, Japanese contract, certificate

  • Mortgage consultation

  • If necessary, apply for a real estate investment visa and apply for a residence permit

  • Searching for a borrower of an investment property after purchase

  • Property management

  • Help when selling a property

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