Flow until moving in (simplified)

I will briefly introduce the flow to move in. (The actual situation may differ, so please check with the person in charge or contact us for details.)

In recent years, there has been demand in large Spanish cities despite rising rents, and screening has become stricter. There are many applications for popular properties. Landlords have labor contracts, high salaries, and tend to choose borrowers who are likely to contract for a long time.

1. Contact us
The property that Japanese people can rent in Barcelona and Valencia is a condominium type (Piso). There are also houses and townhouses in the suburbs. Negotiations are also possible, such as rent, furniture owner's expense, and some utility costs included in the rent.

Please see our handling property. We also handle unlisted properties and real estate properties of others, so please let us know your request for viewing from the inquiry form. Alternatively, please contact us by email info@takumispain.com or by phone.

2. Reply from us
First of all, we will contact you regarding your property request.
Regarding your request and desired property, we will reply to you by e-mail again with the relevant property, similar property, recommended property, etc. At that time, we will ask you about the desired preview date at a later date.

3. Property preview
We will do a preview with photos and a preview with videos. In the case of the actual on-site inspection, it is common in Spain to disband at the local gathering. Basically, unlike Japan, real estate agents are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in Spain.

The viewing time in Spain is generally between 10am and 2pm, or from 16:30 am to 7pm and in winter it gets dark early so it is around 6pm.

In the case of local viewing, we will meet you at the local property (Piso). For long-term contracts, landlords usually prefer a year or more. Negotiations are required for other periods, but for short-term contracts of less than 6 months, we will also introduce our short-term piso. We will interpret, negotiate from a Japanese perspective, and create contracts.

We will give you advice from the same perspective as the customer, such as the location of the property, area details, confirmation of equipment, furniture and home appliances, advantages and disadvantages. We also accept negotiations that are difficult to say with an interpreter in Japanese. Please note that some properties cannot be photographed depending on the property.

* We are also negotiating the availability of properties, information acquisition, preview reservations, and preview accompaniment for properties of real estate companies that are not affiliated with our office. Please contact us for more information.

4. Examination
Landlord, please contact us for the necessary documents when applying for examination by us. [Be careful when handling personal information]

5. About reservation / reservation fee
If the examination is passed, you will be required to pay the reservation fee to hold down the property. One month's rent is the market price for deposits, but it may fluctuate slightly depending on the landlord, so it is recommended that you prepare for cash and immediate transfer. In Spain, if you make a reservation early, you can save the property, so if you do not make a reservation, the property will be passed to other customers who are looking for it.

In particular, from June to September, it may change to a private lodging, and it will be a battle for competition. In addition, we recommend that you make a reservation early as you may not be able to pass the examination because you are a foreigner. Please note that it may be transferred to another person depending on the timing.

If the property can be held down and the reservation fee is accepted, a reservation slip will be sent. The reservation slip describes the handling of the reservation fee and the conditions for the contract.

Generally, after the contract is reached, the deposit will be one month's rent before the first month or one month's security deposit. In Spain, the property is limited and if the deposit is accepted, this deposit will not be refunded. If the landlord makes a move to another person, the reservation fee will be refunded.

6. Contract fee and initial cost
Although it depends on the conditions with the landlord, in Spain, the first month's rent (1 month's worth), security deposit (2 to 3 months' worth), brokerage fee (10% of the annual rent if there is no joint property) , About 4.5 to 5.5 months of rent is required at the time of contract. The security deposit is generally settled for repairs, cleaning and utilities and will be refunded within 2 months of moving out. (Within 3 months if you cross August) Students and those who do not have an employment contract are often asked by the landlord for 6 months as the previous rent.

The rent that is generally on the market, not Airbnb, is generally the rent when renting for one year or more. In the short term of less than 6 months, it may be 1.5 to 2 times the rent.

7. Signing of rental contract
Unlike Japan, the contract is completely different for each property (landlord). Depending on the property, housing insurance obligations, cooler management fees, property management fees, boiler management fees, etc. may be incurred.

After confirming the contract details, we will sign the contract. Please note that the signing will be completed after payment of the contract fee of 6.

8. Handing over the key
If the landlord is willing to rent out the property that has been cleaned on the same day, it is possible to live from that day after the contract. Often a furnished property.

After paying the contract fee and brokerage fee, the key will be handed over at the time of contract at the same time as the formal rental contract is signed.

9. Move in
Unlike Japan, properties in Spain are often repaired after the contract. As stated in the contract, we will promptly report the repair to our company and the landlord within 2 weeks to 1 month and have it repaired.

We will try to deal with repairers, but please note that Spanish repairers are slower than Japan and often do not repair perfectly.

10. Immediately after moving in
Problems may occur, especially for one month after moving in. We will support you as much as possible. Please check the brokerage property and the management department. You can also make an online contract and set construction procedure as an option.

11. Support while moving in
Normally in Spain, real estate agents do not mediate between the borrower and the lender after the contract. Communicating with the landlord in Spanish is difficult. After moving in, we have support services during moving in, so please contact us for details.

Note: The above flow is a general flow to move in and does not apply to all rental contracts. Please contact us for the detailed flow.

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