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About rental properties in Barcelona


We help the clients from all countries that they move to live in Barcelona, through its service such as house search, processing of contracts, property management, or advice on rentals and any other services.

The market value of the Barcelona city for rent in 2021 is Studio 650 for single use, with a minimum of 800 EUR with furniture and appliances. As the landlord wants a minimum of 1 year contract, the price on the web is the price for 1 year or more contract. If you choose a safe and quiet place, we recommend a property over 1000 euros.


In the case of a share , the market price in 2021 is around 300 euros. There is a way to calculate the utilities expenses separately or pay later, so please check.


We will provide complete support for all real estate procedures, such as acting as an agent for property search, contract-related procedures, leasing, management after property purchase, and leasing of a property. We will help you to live in Barcelona with peace of mind.


We will consult with international companies on the current rental conditions and surveys such as rent limits for expatriates.


Our staff can speak English. Please feel free to contact us as you are still searching for it.


In addition, we also provide support for people who want to rent a Piso (apartment) in Barcelona.Please consult us.

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