Real estate management

Vacancy recruitment business

Unless the management is taken over due to a change in the real estate management company, the managed property will start from the vacant state.
First of all, we will start recruiting activities so that customers can move into this vacant room.

  • Survey and analysis of the recruitment status of competing rental condominiums and apartments in the neighborhood.

  • Proposal of recruitment conditions and planning of a campaign to promote occupancy.

  • Conduct sales and sales promotion activities.

  • Proposals for renovation and value improvement of indoor equipment and renovation of common areas.

  • Contract conclusion work such as creating important matter explanations and lease contracts, and explaining the contents. Such


Rent management business

If you move into a managed property, you will be required to manage the contractor during the move-in period.
There are a wide variety of tasks for managing the period of occupancy, but one of the most important tasks is “rent management”.

  • Confirmation of rent payment status, matching of amounts, creation of rent management table.

  • Identify rent delinquents and create a list of delinquents.

  • Payment reminder business for rent delinquents.

  • Tax processing


Move-out settlement business (managed property only)

Confirm the rental cancellation based on the cancellation notice.
After the room is handed over, we will estimate the restoration cost and cleaning cost.

After that, we will move on to work such as ordering restoration work and proposing the next recruitment conditions.

  • Acceptance of cancellation notice / confirmation of contract details.

  • Preparation and conclusion of cancellation agreement.

  • Witnessing to move out ・ Confirmation of restoration work costs.

  • Confirmation of lender's share and borrower's share.

  • Billing and settlement of security deposits and construction costs.

  • Ordering and confirmation of completion of restoration work and cleaning work. Such