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We will provide total support such as study or work for moving to Barcelona and Valencia, finding properties, initial living settings, visa application procedures, etc. for corporate dispatch customers and students with safe in Spanish, English and Japanese languages support. 
Takumi Spain, バルセロナ賃貸

From property search to negotiation, contract, management, life setting

Property Search

Barcelona SagradaFamilia

Investment property search, real estate management, one stop service until sale


Takumi Spain, スペインビザ spain visa

Real estate, retirement visa, immigration law, notary public


Spain rental
In Spain, a contractor with a residential land handling license called API (Asociación de Agentes Inmobiliarios) makes rental transactions. In Catalonia, in addition to API, a law called AICAT has been enacted that allows only agents registered with the state government to trade.
Recently, there are many problems such as fake contractors and ordinary people renting empty rents, contracts because they do not understand the law and contract, resident's card cannot be obtained, troubles while moving in, and security deposits are not refunded. At that time, it is necessary to confirm whether the agent is a licensed contractor.
Spanish real estate investment
  • Buying homes, offices, stores and other real estate is not complicated, even for non-residents. 
  • The average yield is the highest among the developed countries in Europe.
  • Among other European cities, you can get higher yields than other cities with a low investment amount. 
  • It is attractive as a long-term investment. (Same price as developed country cities in 2050)
  • You can apply for permanent residence by purchasing more than 500,000 real estate.
  • Property tax and management costs are cheaper than in other developed countries.
  • Reform cost is not so expensive.
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